My photo of the lovely Kate Winslet receiving her Hollywood Walk of Stars Star ~ this was used by the Hollywood Walk of Fame on their FaceBook Like Page, and AFAIK has received more likes than any other celebrity pic posted in their history :-)









I know, Kathy ~ I can't believe it either and I'm so glad you're here! You rock and thank you for posing for me. Thank you for all you've done for #PalmSprings :-)

The immortal Ms. Carol Channing wasn't feeling too well that day, but was DETERMINED to come down to help celebrate Ms. Kathy Griffin receiving her Palm Springs Walk of Stars award. This is still my FAVORITE "Star Presentation" ceremony ever; Kathy just lit the place up! God Bless her and all she has done for Palm Springs.

ith Kathy Griffin on her special Day! 







Boy, I enjoyed  this!  I love photographing people. All these photos were taken in public where the celebrities knew they were being photographed.  It was an honor to photograph these great folks. I have never stooped to "hiding, deception or bothering anyone"  or interrupted their private lives -- and never will.

Neither should anyone else.

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