I'm Paul Roberts, a published Palm Springs Real Estate photographer with 33 years experience. I offer unmatched, magazine quality, NATURAL looking photography of Real Estate, portraits, weddings, events, pets & concerts in Palm Springs & many Southern California cities. My photography of Palm Springs listed Real Estate for sale, combined with my helping Realtors sell their MLS listings with my large social media reach has yielded a large percentage of SALES of those homes, and often in a very short time (1-2 weeks). References and addresses available. I take a vested interest in the Realtor / Broker SELLING the home.

Photography and RESULTS are passions of mine. I also help PROMOTE folks & causes to my Social Media reach of 1.2+ million. I offer DIGITAL EDITING worldwide. I can help you!


These pages contain my typical Real Estate photos in addition to others I've taken over the years. I retain sole ownership of them. 

CLICK on ANY photo to enlarge.

My photographs are available for purchase via PayPal. See my "Contact" page to purchase celebrity photos, arrange photography, enhancement of your photos, avatar creation, or help with social media.


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