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I'm Paul Roberts, Real Estate photographer in Wichita Falls Texas & Palm Springs California with 34 years photography experience. I offer unmatched, magazine quality, NATURAL looking photography of Real Estate, portraits, weddings, events, pets & concerts. My photography of listed Real Estate for sale, combined with my helping Realtors with my large social media reach has yielded a VERY large percentage of SALES of those homes, often in 1-2 weeks. I take a vested interest in Realtors / Brokers SELLING their listed home. I have a decade of references available.

PaulBritPhoto also offers Paulbritpromo social media marketing & promotion worldwide, reaching 1.8 to 2.2 million people in social media on 8 platforms and counting.  I promote businesses, websites, social media accounts, political candidates and causes. Helping people on social media isn't JUST setting up a "like page" as some self-styled "gurus" would have you believe. It's long term results based on introducing the CLIENT to people with photos, interesting posts, fun, and allowing them to be THEMSELVES. Don't fit a mold; break it. Dont just think outside the box; throw the box away. Don't fight for a piece of the "pie." It's an expanding pie.

Photography, social media marketing and promotion, and RESULTS are passions of mine. I also offer DIGITAL EDITING worldwide. Let #paulbritphoto and #paulbritpromo help you!

These pages contain my typical Real Estate photos in addition to others I've taken over the years. I retain sole ownership of them. 

CLICK on ANY photo to enlarge.

MY PHOTOGRAPHS ARE AVAILABLE for purchase either directly from me, via PayPal, or through my online Store >> ** Shirts, Prints, Mugs, Cases & More **


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