Prof. Dr. Paulo R. Bueno
Institute of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Department
Phone numbers: +55 16 3301 9642 or +55 16 3301 9828

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Professor Paulo R. Bueno is the coordinator of the Nanobionics research group (www.nanobionics.pro.br) at São Paulo State University, UNESP. He published over 180 papers related to fundaments and applications of electric and electrochemistry time-dependent (including gravimetric and optical impedance) spectroscopic methods (h index 44, > 7000 citations with an average citation of higher than 25 per article, Google Scholar). His main scientific interest is focused on the fundaments and technological applications associated with electron charge transfer, transport and storage occurring at molecular and nanoscale structures. Under his guidance Nanobionics group develops synthetic structures and surfaces that mimic molecular and biological structures aiming applications in highly-relevant diagnostic devices. The Nanobionics group developed a totally new label-free diagnostic assay based on an electroanalytical spectroscopic methodology supported on the use of the electrochemistry capacitance, i.e. a capacitance proportional to the electrochemical density of states that intrinsically exists in mesoscopic structures comprised of redox-active molecules when attached over an electrode. These impedance-derived assays are able to detect target protein at femtomolar levels allowing the early detection of clinically relevant targets that are better than those currently commercial. They are potentially cheap and can be multiplexed. Other relevant aspects of his groups’ activities are the synthesis of self-assembled redox-tagged peptides and its applications in redox capacitive biosensors. The advantages of constructing a peptide-based receptive surface containing electrochemical tags are that peptides can be easily manipulated and optimized for applications containing complex biological environments. This tailoring ability avoids fouling and concomitantly can substitute antibodies by peptide or DNA aptamers as receptors with equivalent or superior affinity as well as specificity.

Since 2008 Professor Bueno is engaged with tech transfer initiatives involving public-private start-up tech transfer projects with Scientific and Technological Parks in Sao Paulo. Because of such initiatives, Professor Bueno was invited to a plenary conference in the USA – Washington in 2009 by the US National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer in which Brazilian Tech Transfer context was introduced and discussed with the US and European Tech Transfer related agents and agencies. He is also engaged with UNESP internationalization program. Finally, he acted as academic and researcher visitor several times in European universities such as Universities of Valence and Jaume I (Spain), University of Paris (France) and University of Oxford. His collaborative work has been the subject of two significant awards from The Royal Society in the UK (a Brian Mercer Award in 2013 and a Newton Fellowship in 2015). His is currently administrating a Fellowship of Royal Society (Research Fellows Director, https://royalsociety.org/people/paulo-roberto-bueno-12682/). He is Fellows of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in the UK and member of American Chemical Society (ACS) in the USA. Also, he is a member of The Electrochemical Society (ECS) and International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). Professor Bueno is the co-founder of Osler Diagnostics (http://oslerdiagnostics.com/), a start-up company from the University of Oxford.

About the work of Professor Bueno, please, see also the book below.