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How difficult is the task of an educator. No matter where this kind of educator works, the great difficult – or the great adventure – is how to make education something which, in being serious, rigorous, methodical, and having a process, also creates happiness and joy.

I had experimented with and abandoned various methods and processes of communication. Never, however, had I abandoned the conviction that only by working with the people could I achieve anything authentic on their behalf. Never had I believed that the democratization of culture meant either its vulgarization or simply passing on to the people prescriptions formulated in the teacher’s office. – P.F

Paulo Freire Research Center-Finland (PFRC) is a hub for all who are interested in Paulo Freire and his legacy for changing the world. PFRC fosters critical research in social sciences, participatory democracy and social equality. It participates in national and international debate on educational policy promoting research, organizing events, collaborating with educational groups and agencies to develop projects and organizing teaching – lectures, seminars and workshops – in different topics relating to arts, comparative education, critical pedagogy, developmental issues, media education and social media in the Freirean spirit.