My name is Paul Nazareth - I'm here to help you. How can I do that today?

  I have a very simple mission in life:

    Promote purposeful passionate people to help them reach professional and personal potential while enjoying life to the fullest.

    I work in philanthropy, my professional focus and life-long passion.

    How I help:  Job searches,
networking specialist, LinkedIn enthusiast, addicted business book reader
and a bizarre hobby
      - I'm a "wedding whisperer" (40 weddings in 7 years).

    So if you love life, think I can help yours get better and know we can make it better for others - let's connect!

    This is my trademark philosophy: "If hindsight is 20/20, I seek wisdom in the learned experiences of others". 

So if you have wisdom and/or experience to share - please connect. I would be eternally grateful. 

Thanks for visiting.              I am at your service.
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