3 Stage Linear Accelerator

Maggy's current state minus the malfunctioning 400v boost convertor:

Project Status:

"He's dead Jim!"...
This project is on hiatus until I get around to repairing a malfunctioning boost convertor circuit because I'd rather not blow up my capacitor banks! 
As it stands, Maggy is able to fire for demonstration purposes, but it is not safe!

 Would you like Stages, Optoelectronic triggers and an injector coil with that?
Just as the MAP represents my first foray into magnetic accelerators, Maggy represents my introductory course in a multiple stage, logic-based magnetic accelerator. I have planned for a 3-stage accelerator, the first stage is an injector coil, second and third are significantly more powerful. For very detailed plans check out the plans sub-page. You can find my previous accelerators in these subpages: MAP, MAR.

Theoretical results/statistics:

(9.9 gram projectile)
 stage: coil:Ep: (joules) velocity gain: (m/s)
 Injector32mm, 4 layers 8.81.955
Bank 132mm, 6 layers  35.28.144 m/s
Bank 2
32mm, 8 layers
 54.313.160 m/s
therefore, theoretical velocity will be 24 m/s or 78 fps or 85 km/h



Media updates:  

September 27th 2009:


June 30th 2009: