Jack v2.0

Because we received the development grant from TARDEC, we have been working on a revised version of the robot from the ground up. An improvement over the last robot, this one will feature a newer and less complex design. We are utilizing a RoBoard to perform image analysis whilst driving motors and servos. This removes the complicated power-supply needed in the last robot and also removes the need for a laptop to be used in the robot. Aside from the logic control, the hardware of Jack will still be acrylic-based, however we are utilizing a specialized acrylic glue to produce a clean and light-tight robot.

The robot as it is today.
-spring-loaded card magazine
-leaf-switch on card drawing mechanism (to stop at precise moment)
-adjustable camera assembly

A Prototype version having the second stage tested:

An intermediate design with the adjustable card flap, webcam tray, firing wheel and card magazine: