Jack the Blackjack Playing Robot

What is it?
Jack is an autonomous robot built by myself and the Newmarket High School Robotics Team. Its purpose is to play blackjack as the dealer at the centre of the table. Jack represents a leap in difficulty from my previous work but it has been the most successful project I have participated in to date. I was the captain of the team and was largely responsible for the fabrication of this robot. I was sure to document the construction process as we worked.

We took Jack to a competitive event called "Robofest" and entered the exhibition category, an event where points are awarded for concept, originality and presentation. First we took Jack to the regional competitions where we were awarded first place. Then we went to the national competition held at Lawrence Tech University in Michigan where we were awarded a grant by Tardec to further improve our project. Jack has certainly been a successful project for the whole team!
The Newmarket High School Robotics Team

How it works:

This is the assembly picture I made of Jack:
This is a picture of what Jack looked like when we were working on the initial programming