Short Bio


Paul J. Doherty

PhD Candidate
University of California - Merced

NSF #1031914

"These things we that others may live..." - SAR Motto

My current research is focused on the integration of GIScience & GISystems with wildland search and rescue (WiSAR). I am recently completed (May 2013) an NSF-funded PhD project in the Laboratory of Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing at the University of California, Merced under Dr. Quinghua Guo. As a National Park Ranger in Yosemite National Park, the geography of search and rescue was intriguing and the application of GIS was readily apparent. Therefore I helped initiate a SARGIS discussion group and decided to continue my GIScience studies at UC Merced. During my studies and as a Yosemite Ranger I was able to work in a wide variety of SAR operations with on of the best SAR Teams in the world: YOSAR

Prior to moving to the Yosemite NP area I worked as a wildlife biologist for the New York State Department of Conservation and Suffolk County Parks, Recreation, & Conservation closer to my hometown in the Bronx, New York. During my time as a biologist in Long Island, NY I completed my M.S. in Biology at Hofstra University and conducted field research on the wildlife management and conservation of Piping Plovers.

Previously, I received a BSc in Environmental Biology from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry where I was trained to do critical thinking for problem solving and really developed my passion for GIS. 

Throughout my professional and academic career I continue to take what I learn about GIScience and GISystems from one discipline and apply them to another set of similar problems in a different environment / workflow. This has led to a very exciting and meaningful journey with networks across a wide variety of disciplines. Most recently I joined the Public Safety Team at Esri to continue applying my GIScience/GISystems knowledge in the real-world and support more widespread use of GIS.

In my free time I also like to hike, play hockey, cook new recipes, visit microbreweries, and workout at Crossfit CDR.