Why I made this website

I made this site to give my beginning students some extra help.  More advanced students can also find useful information here.  

I have another website and several blogs, too.  I invite you to check them out.

About me as a teacher:

I am a patient, encouraging teacher, specializing in violin / fiddle for beginners of all ages. I welcome adults and children with or without any background in music. If you don’t have a violin, I can help you get one. I tailor my teaching to each individual, understanding his/her skills, needs, and goals. I do my best to make the learning process enriching and fun, and I love to bring out the best in each student. I have been playing the violin since age 10, over 40 years ago. Trained as a classical violinist, I now play both classical and folk music. I have played in several community symphony orchestras, most recently the NIH Community Orchestra, and also the Homespun Ceilidh Band. I love to share my knowledge of music with others by teaching.

I teach in my home in Rockville. My fee is $45 for a 45 minute lesson. I have students pay me for one month in advance. Please notify me of any cancellation at least 24 hours in advance.  See my web page on this site for more details. 

I also give lessons by Skype for students who live far away from me and some times for students who live nearby.  See my Skype page on this website.

Have you taught yourself fiddle and now realize that you could benefit from some lessons?  I can give you fiddle lessons on an occasional basis or regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly lessons, either in my studio or by Skype.

I love teaching students of all ages.  Teaching adult students is rewarding in its own way.  I get a lot of calls from prospective students who say, "I don't even know whether it's realistic for me to try this..."  I tell them that it is never too late to start doing something you love.  After teaching them for a short time, I  have reasons to praise them honestly. For some true stories about my adult beginners, read this.

I encourage parents to talk to me about their children's progress and goals.  I urge my students and their parents to give me feedback!  If you don't understand something or you want me to explain something in more detail, please let me know. Tell me what you want to learn. These are your lessons, and I want you to get the most you can from them. 

As always, I value your feedback.