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***Stats For Season 6***
Team Name = Trivia Team's Name
Team Members = Trivia Team's Members/Players
Games Played (xx) = Number of games a team has played; the number in the header is the total games played this season. 
Championship Points 
= Number of games played times 4 - this will be how many bonus points a team will have in the Championship game
Standings = 
Based on Championship Points

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Team NameTeam MembersGames Played (5)Championship PointsStandings
Sofa Kings Dan, Jen, Jim, Nicole, Willie Mays Hayes (Gene), Pete, Sally, Dawn 20 
Been There Done That Jill, Art, Phil, Audry, Lanny, Jordan, Sue, Gregg 20 
Norm! Ed, Eric, Andrew, Jean, Mike, Amy, Denise, Don, Michelle 20 
Victorious Secrets Beth, Cyndi, Missy, Breea, Jill, Megan 20 
Rastas Jeff & Gary 20 
Hugh G. Rection Zac, Russell, Eric, Ben, Brian, Melissa (& Ashley), Devyn, Steve 20 
Showing 6 items