How to Play

The following will give you a full description of Pub Trivia and what to expect when you play.
  1. Come to Paulie's Pub & Grill on a Thursday Trivia Night. 
    1. Remember the game starts at 8 P.M. and expect it to last roughly two hours (+/- 30 minutes)
    2. The trivia game (aka trivia set) is played in the back room using an advanced slide show presentation asking general trivia questions from various categories. It can be seen from any of the four  large flat screen TVs placed around the room
    3. Get there early for an available table/booth 
    4. Once there, register a team of eight or less with Gary & Jeff. At this time you will be given a pen and some paper 
    5. Decide on a team name, write it down on one of the pieces of paper and turn it into Gary & Jeff .  The team is now registered and ready to play

  2. During the game the rules are as follows: 
    1. You cannot use outside devices (no cell phones, laptops, etc.) - leave the room if you need to take a call or text.  Such devices are not allowed out at any time during the game
    2. If a team member leaves during a question, they cannot rejoin the team until the answer has been given
    3. Teams cannot have more than 8 members (per team/per table) unless all 8 members are clearly identifiable.  No player substitutions are allowed during the game
    4. Do not shout out answers
    5. Partial credit may be given
    6. No cheating

  3. During the game please note the following: 
    1. Each game is made up of 6 rounds and worth roughly 175 points.  The games use the following format:
      1. Rounds 1-5 consist of 4 questions each and as the rounds progress the questions increase in both difficulty and point value
      2. Round 6 consists of 3 questions
        1. First, the Mission Impossible which is worth 10 points
        2. Secondly the Website Question which is worth 5 points
        3. Last is the final question. The MC will announce each teams' score then a six minute break begins at which time teams will come up with a wager between 0 and their total score to bet on the final question.  Just like Jeopardy you are given a 'hint' to base your wager
        4. After the break the final question is asked and once all answers are in the results are announced
    2. There are three breaks during the game. These breaks are after rounds two, four, and before the final question (three total at six minutes each)
    3. Be sure to write your team name down on each answer sheet
    4. There is a 'hint' that will found at the top of each question
    5. There is a timer in the bottom right hand corner of each question, you need to turn your answer in to Gary & Jeff before it hits zero
    6. There is a Mission Impossible question that will be at the bottom of each question, the answer is due by the start of round six
    7. There is a bonus Website Question which is also due at the start of round six - New teams are exempt from this question
    8. If a team starts after the game has started they are allowed to play and will automatically start with half the points of the lowest team at the time when they joined
    9. Judges (Gary & Jeff) have the final say on what is considered a correct answer
    10. If there is a question regarding any question/answer, please ask 
    11. If a team does not finish the game their final score will be zero
    12. If your team takes 1st place, you will get to submit one question that will be asked at the following game. 

  4. Lastly, teams are eligible for the Trivia Championship if they have played at least five times during the trivia season
    1. The Trivia Championship is played just as any other set, but is worth 300+ points, and will determine the season's winning trivia team
    2. The trivia season lasts one year; it starts anew each January and ends in December with Trivia Championship Night
    3. All teams are welcome to compete in Trivia Championship, but the eligible teams are playing to win the Pub Trivia Championship and be awarded the Pub Trivia Cup
      1. Previous winners are as follows: 
        2009 - Hugh G. Rection
        - Norm!
        2011 - Hugh G. Rection 
        2012 - 
        Hugh G. Rection
        2013 - Rastas
        2014 - Victorious Secrets