Feel free to contact me. I am always on the lookout for great mutually beneficial and fun opportunities.

LinkedIn remains my main inventor / security / engineering presence.

If you are interested in my Fireant Sculptures, you can them through my Naturecasts Etsy Store.

My Immersive Digital photography has been uploaded to Google for optimal viewing.

My US Patents are available through a Google search here.



I try to learn all the time. One metric of this is to be 'certified' by someone for something. Its not perfect, and certifications are really only a shorthand to capability and to open a conversation, but they are a convenient benchmark. So I shamelessly present my certifications here for your amusement!

LPT – EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester, 2009

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

ECSA - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, 2008

CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker, 2006

CHFI - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, 2006

Verifications and cert numbers are in my resume.

Patent Filings

I was named one of the Verizon Top Inventors for the fifth year at Verizon with 50+ filings. How did it start? In 2006, I organized a team of entrepreneurial thinkers to create Intellectual Property... and we were quite good at it. While we don't own the IP (a la employment contracts) the creativity and invention is quite satisfactory in many ways. Here is a list of the most recent ones I have filed. I can't describe the filing itself until they are publicly available through the USPTO systems (Public listing is here via Google), but these high level title should provide a reasonable idea:

  • Providing A Message Based On Translating A Beacon Identifier To A Virtual Beacon Identifier
  • Dynamic Call Scoring
  • System And Method For Providing Voice Communication From Textual And Pre-recorded Responses
  • Identity Based Triggers For Controlled Substance Dispensing
  • Remote Signing For A Delivery From Anywhere

  • SSID Suppression With Network Topology Correlation
  • Sensor Recording Protection In Open Space
  • Method And Apparatus For Providing A Network Based Surround-light Environment
  • Method And System For Providing Zero Sign On User Authentication
  • Selective Complex Data Entry From One Time Passwords For Authentication
  • Method And Apparatus For Providing User Authentication And Identification Based On A One-time Password
  • Methods And Systems For Recovering Media Content Lost Due To A Channel Change Event

  • Voice Energy Collision Back-off
  • Secure Mobile Interface Access System
  • Method And System For Generating Interpolations Of Captured Video Content

  • Method and Apparatus for Providing Angle Image Correction
  • Method and Apparatus for Authorizing Transfer of Mobile Devices
  • Cellular Network traffic Offload Via Local Wireless Connectivity
  • Method and System for Providing Virtual Conferencing
  • Method and System for Managing Device Profiles
  • Method and Apparatus for Device Resource Pooling
  • Method and System for Generating an Alert on Car seat Use-Detection

  • Method and System for Performing Data Backup and Restoration
  • Method and System for Providing Proximity-Relationship Group Creation
  • Method and Apparatus for Synchronizing Content Playback
  • Method and Apparatus for Group Coordination of Calendar Events
  • Alarm Activated Information Technology Interface Notification and Securing System
  • Context Sensitive User Device Control Profile
  • Method and Apparatus for Managing Digital Video Recorders
  • System and Method for Providing Authentication Continuity

  • Network Providing Geotagged Data
  • Method and System for Providing Virtual Credit Card Services
  • Method and System for Providing Remote Control Configuration of Missing Mobile Devices
  • Method and Apparatus for Notifying Registered Devices of an Emergency Call
  • A System and Method for Relaying Messages Using an Ad-hoc Network
  • Method and System for Providing Caller Identification-Based Messaging Services
  • Double Click Channel Button Access of User Defined Content Lists
  • A System for and Method of Parallel Searching

  • Improved Distributed Network Homing Models
  • 911 Activated Camera System
  • Audio Frequency Remapping
  • Video Bookmarking
  • USB Virus Scanner / Malware Detection Device
  • Integrated Policy Enforcement Network Interface Card

  • Piracy Prevention, Detection and Content Management
  • A System and Method for Verification of IP Device Location