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Saftey, Security and Opportunities

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Dear Friends:

Michigan boasts some of the hardest working and most dedicated people anywhere in the world. We are the home of the assembly line -- the greatest economic efficiency mechanism ever invented.  Our public school system has a history of excellence from the elementary to post graduate levels.  Michigan's educators put our young in position to lead the world.

Sadly, the current policies coming out of Lansing have pushed businesses out of the state in favor of special interests and forced our best and brightest to leave.  Today, Michigan consistently has the worst unemployment rate in the nation.  Our younger generation is faced with poor job prospects and a limited future.  As a result, we rank 49th in the country in retention of those aged 20-25.

The lack of vision and leadership in Lansing is unacceptable. We have to choose a new path. Michigan deserves a government that is committed to providing safety, security and opportunities for all. 

This is exactly why I am running for state representative.  As someone who has lived in Grand Blanc my whole life, I understand the issues our people face and the dire need for basic opportunities to be provided. My unique experiences in the public and private sector have enabled me to realize the necessity of long term thinking when enacting legislation. 

I am not a politician.  I am hostage to no special interests or beholden to anyone but those in this great community.  I am committed to getting Michigan back on the track toward economic expansion.  That requires us to hit the reset button on the way state government is run.

Ultimately this election comes down to a simple choice.  Do we want to go down the same path with the same politicians campaigning on the same rhetoric? Or do we  want to pursue a new path of accountable representation which believes that we have to grow our way out of this recession, not tax our way out. After researching the options, I think you will agree the choice is very clear.

I am ready to champion this fight.  Being the local candidate in the race, not only do I know your issues, I share your values. My professional and academic background distinguishes me from my opponents as someone who is ready to be your voice in Lansing.  Please join me in finally rejecting the old failed way of politicians and ushering in a new regime of public servants focused on the creation of jobs and solidification of opportunities for the next generation. I am asking for your vote and your support in this election. Let's put Michigan back on the winning path it was destined for.


Paul H. Scott