28th September 2008

  • Started MCAST 2008/2009 pages.


17th July 2008

  • Updated graph.h to version 6.
  • Added FInal Exam paper for 2008. 


27th February 2008


21th February 2008

9th February 2008

4th February 2008

3th February 2008

  • Screen Capture now can scale the image capture to 640 X 480 or 320 X 240. What about recording a movie of what is happening on screen...
  • Added a model answer "Number Input & Conversions
  • Added Links Page

2th February 2008

  • Screen Capture now uses GDI+. You can now save to a image format registered on your operating system. Usually these are BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG and PNG. 

27th January 2008

26th January 2008

20th January 2008

19th January 2008

Updated Screen Capture.

New fatures are:

  • If explorer crashes and restarts the tray icon is readded. 
  • Support for multi monitor (still to test).
  • During capture focus is set on last application used.
  • Option to include Cursor in capture.
  • Capture delayed so that floating menu is not included in capture.
  • Option to remove the tray icon from the captured image. 
  • Region Capture.

Uploaded Sudoku Solver souce code.

13th January 2008

Added support for area capture and saving to clipboard. Screen Capture. Uploaded another game Blocks.

12th January 2008

Added first sample code to show how graph.h works. Basic Text Color Sample.

Moved CrakIt to the Products area. Also added a free tool to capture screen images. Screen Capture.

5th January 2008

Started documenting the graph.h library online. Graph.h Help and Examples.

1st January 2008

Happy new year to everyone out there. I decided to create this web site to keep my stuff online so that students can check for changes every now and then. I will try to keep it up to date (new year's resolution). I hope to add an FAQ page with answers to the questions I usually get.