Code like it's 1982!
SpecBAS is a remake of Sinclair BASIC - it's faster, far more powerful and more colourful than Sinclair BASIC has ever been!

SpecBAS incorporates all the features of Sinclair BASIC, but with more:

Procedures, with both referenced and normal variable parameters
Flow control with DO..LOOP, WHILE..LOOP, DO..UNTIL
Associative arrays with hashing for extra efficiency
INCLUDE to add procedures and functions from external files
Better array handling, with variable BASE settings and FOR..EACH support
Better string handling with LEFT$, RIGHT$, MID$, REPEAT$ etc
Memory banks which can be loaded, saved and utilised to hold a variety of data types
Many, many more maths functions, with both radians and degrees support
Graphics with 8bpp in any supported resolution with full palette changing, rotation, scaling etc
Sound support with MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MP3/VOC/WAV etc as well as the BEEP command with envelopes and noise
Turtle graphics, sprites, tilemaps.

And it has less:

No more attribute clash
no 48k restriction
full disk access, so no tapes!
No more beeper :)

You can get SpecBAS 0.905 from these places:

SpecBAS for Linux (Ported by Piez, currently outdated)
SpecBAS for Pandora (also outdated)
SpecBAS for Raspberry PI (HardABI) (Ported by Chris Cowley, outdated)

There's a forum where you can get help:

Documentation is mirrored online here:

And there's a Wiki which is under development which will eventually be a complete online resource:

Full source code is provided with the windows and linux versions, under the GPL. You can get the latest bleeding-edge source for Windows and Linux through the SVN: