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Hold the Right Party Responsible for Your Injuries
Road defects impose unnecessarily hazardous conditions on motorcyclists. Through regular maintenance, a municipality or local government can easily remove such hazards. But, unfortunately for motorists, until a significant number of persons get injured on the same road, those responsible rarely take action.
Some traffic accidents are the result of poor or defective roadway design, and if you were injured in an accident that you believe resulted from unsafe road designs, we may be able to help. Negligent roadway design is a multifaceted and complex area of the law, so to have success in a lawsuit; you’ll need an experienced attorney by your side. The accident attorneys at Paul Dansker & Aspromonte have over 30 years of success in personal injury claims, and we will help you to navigate the maze associated with defective roadway design cases.

If you or someone dear to you was injured in a motorcycle accident, it is in your interest to speak with an experienced attorney. If there is a slight possibility that a road defect played a role in the accident, you can help draw attention to a dangerous situation and may be able to protect other motorcyclists, as well.

Defective Roadway Design Problems
Defective roadway designs can lead to unsafe conditions for both motorists and pedestrians, and there are several design flaws that can result in accidents:
•    Absent or blocked signs
•    Blind curves
•    Construction areas that cause unavoidable hazards
•    Failure to avoid points of diminished visibility
•    Inadequate natural hazard protection (such as protection from mudslides or falling rocks)
•    Insufficient highway on and off ramps
•    Lack of barrier or dividers
•    Poor construction
•    Poor shoulder design
•    Road marking problems, including markings that aren’t visible
•    Road surface issues
•    Traffic flow patterns that don’t properly consider traffic speed and density

Proving negligence in a roadway design case can be tricky. Depending on the location of the accident, there could be state, federal, and municipal organizations responsible for the design, maintenance, and construction of the road in question. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to handle your case, and at Dansker and Aspromonte, we have the expertise to handle these complexities. We will make sure that the proper parties are held accountable and that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Dansker & Aspromonte is Your New York Defective Roadway Design Legal Team

When you need representation after a defective roadway design accident, you can call on the experienced team at Paul Dansker & Aspromonte. With over three decades of legal experience, including a 95% trial success rate, we will investigate your case and will represent you from start to finish. We work hard to get maximum compensation for your injuries, and we never charge fees until we either win or settle your case.

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