Driving Awareness Tips

Driving Awareness Tips by Paul Dansker for Big City Driving

Living in a big city means that now and then you see freak road accidents you would want to forget. For as long as human beings are driving vehicles on the road, accidents cannot be completely avoided because human beings will at some point make mistakes or be careless. You might even have at one point been caught speeding or ignoring the traffic rules. Your reckless behavior on the road is a danger not just to you, but other road users. 
While most people think that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is the main cause of accidents on the road, this is not always the case. A behavior that might seem harmless – like texting while driving – could be the mistake that causes you a lifetime of heartache. You need not wait for the worst to happen before you choose to be a better driver. Here are a number of tips suggested by Paul Dansker you should consider for driving in the big city:

Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy
A vehicle’s usefulness is determined by its performance and how reliable it is. To keep a car performing at its best, maintenance is a must. Whether your car is second hand or brand new, make sure you schedule it for maintenance on a regular basis. There is some maintenance work you can do right at home and others you might need to visit an auto shop. You can, right at home, check for things like wear and tear of brakes, tires, lights and engines. Avoid taking your vehicle on the road if you find any of these areas defective. There is no reason why you should drive a vehicle that could make you part of the freak accident statistics.

Don’t let the frustrations on the road mess up your mind
Driving in a big city means that you are sharing the roads with thousands of other motorists. At some point, someone on the road will do something you will not like. The obvious reaction is to get frustrated and lose your cool. Whatever happens, don’t let the events on the road push you into a road rage. Avoid the stress that comes when driving in the big city by putting on some serenity-inducing music. If you have a friend with you, strike a conversation that will keep you away from thinking too much about the frustrations you are experiencing. In addition, it helps a great deal to understand the traffic jams in the city so that if you get caught up in one for several hours, it will not anger and irritate you.

Resist the temptation of using your cell phone while driving
However good you might be in multitasking, avoid using your cell phone as you drive. Your focus while driving should not be taken by anything or anyone else except the road ahead of you. If you must answer a call or write back a reply to a text message, stop the vehicle on the side of the road and take a few minutes to make the calls or write and send text messages.

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