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  1. Payment by Results In Development Aid: All that Glitters is Not Gold

    World Bank Research Observer, 2016, 31(2): 290-319
    [draft, free working paper version]

  2. Foreign Aid And Domestic Taxation: Multiple Sources, One Conclusion

    Development Policy Review, 2016, 34(3):365-383
    Data - Stata Dataset and code; see the data page for assorted do files. 

  3. Do Performance Measures of Donors' Aid Allocation Underperform? 
    The World Economy, 2015, 38(5):805-824, Open Access
    Data - Stata Dataset; see the data page for assorted do files. 

  4. Selectivity on Aid Modality: Determinants of Budget Support from Multilateral Donors
    (with Alessia Isopi and Oliver Morrissey)
    Review of International Organizations, 7(3):267-284, 2012
    CREDIT Research Paper 11(1) 2011Stata Dataset and Stata Do file

  5. 25 Years of Aid Allocation Practice: Whither Selectivity?
    World Development, 39(10):1724-1734, 2011
    Data - STATA Dataset , STATA do file and a note on the data.  Credit Working Paper 2009 (09/11)

  6. Aid and Tax Revenue: Signs of a Positive Effect Since the 1980s
    (with Oliver Morrissey)
    Journal of International Development, 23(2):165-180, 2011

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