For those who do not know, I am a mostly useless (There is a big difference between mostly useless and completely useless. Mostly useless is slightly useful.) computer architecture enthusiast with a Presbyterian background.

As that statement hints, I have a decades long history of dysthymia. In support of the claim, I can say  that I have had paid employment for less than two years of my life (and am nearly 50 years old and have never had long term [non-mental] health issues that prevented me from working). My greatest contributions to humanity may be my very limited postings on the Internet (including the comp.arch newsgroup, the forum at Real World Technologies, and more recently Stack Exchange).

The substantial praise I have received from others is not strong support for my having been particularly useful but rather for my having been much less useful than I should have been given how much free time I have had. Even I admit that I had potential.