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"Using new data, lucid analysis, and beautiful writing, Caruana Galizia has written a brilliant account of labor markets and living standards in the Mediterranean during the first global century. Anyone interested in the region during the nineteenth century must read this book.
Jeffrey G. Williamson, Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Harvard University, USA

"Understanding globalization's accomplishments and failures requires global information. Caruana Galizia has ingeniously expanded our view of migration, trade policy, transport costs, and wage inequality. Thanks to his pioneering efforts, we can compare experiences from all around the 'Great Sea,' now including Malta, Cyprus, Istanbul, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Gibraltar.
Peter H. Lindert, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics, University of California, Davis, USA

"This fine study fills a significant gap in our understanding of the first age of globalization. We finally have a complete and new view of the Mediterranean. The research combines new real wage data for the Mediterranean countries, a rigorous theoretical approach, and a thoughtful knowledge of historical sources. The result is a solid piece of research worth reading." 
Blanca Sánchez-Alonso, Professor of Economic History, CEU San Pablo University, Spain

"It is a fine source not only for scholars working on the Mediterranean and the Middle East, but also for anyone interested in understanding more about the dynamics of labor markets during the first era of globalization" 
Laura Panza, EH.net.

"There is no doubt that the book by Caruana Galizia is a serious contribution not only to the history of the Mediterranean economy, but also to the literature on convergence, globalisation and inequality."
Paolo Malanima, Nordicum-Mediterraneum

"...extremely well written, and balances history, economics, and statistical techniques. It usefully contributes to the debate on migration and labour market integration by proposing empirical conclusions based on consolidated economic theory and new data..."
Carlo Ciccarelli, Economic History Review

by bringing neglected areas of North Africa and Middle East into the orbit of late nineteenth-century globalization...the author has set for himself, and others, an important and ample research agenda that will be pursued."
Michael Huberman, Journal of Economic History

"Galizia’s international perspective and determination to include all areas of the Mediterranean, coupled with thorough empirical analysis, results in a compelling argument which shows that globalization was not (as it is so often assumed to be) just a question of European expansion into other regions...elegant study..."
Richard J. Blakemore, International Journal of Maritime History 

" excelente libro de Paul Caruana Galizia...El libro se lee muy bien. Las partes teóricas y empíricas están muy claras y bien entrelazadas con las partes más históricas o descriptivas. El autor tiene además una gran capacidad de síntesis..."
Javier Silvestre, Revsita de Historia Industrial

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