The computer games I love have been so much fun!

World of Warcraft!

A page devoted to LSONE my mage, which hasn't been played in a long time...

USKTA (my once  awesome guild!)

Panda-Hideout (work safe maps, and talent calcs)


Curse Gaming MODS

    It was horrible, I was hooked instantly, and without warning.  I was pulled hard, the hook pulling, but not ripping my flesh.  Soon, it would have me, yet I was not fighting it.  In fact I thinking full well that I could "WIN" I ran straight into it. 

Little did I know back then the impact it would have on me.  It quite possibly ruined my life, or gave it meaning.  It made me a natural bulls eye with real guns.  It taught me that you have to brake in a good racing game, as well as in real life.  I learned that the rules of physics could be bent slightly.

I also know that I have an addiction.  An honest to goodness addiction.  The kind I should go to meetings for.  I am addicted to video games.  I played them on my cell phone, at work, at home, on long car trips, on planes.  I even (I can't believe I am saying this) play games while going to the bathroom!

Being of above average intelligence, and knowing that moderate game playing has no negative side affects, I have chilled out a bit and decided that I could be a "good" game player, and manage my addiction.  I, after a series of unfortunate events(tm), saw that I could not maintain the pace that I was at before. It's true, I am a FUNCTIONAL GAME-O-HOLIC.
(which really pisses of my disfunctional gamer friends!)


Read on for how I learned everything from Video Games!




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