My Personal Portal

My Personal Portal

 This is where you can learn some things about who I am, and why I do the crazy things I do.  (no not just to increase my hit counter!)  I have tons of fun stories.  Please be aware that they are fiction!  This is all just a work of art.  Only constructive criticizm accepted.


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(new stories 03/15/07!)

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I believe in Polygamy.  If you would be offended by this, stop reading now.  Below you will see the two girls who matter most to me.  One has a special personality, and the other is so much more.  I fell in love with both of them at first sight.  One of them was not that hard to get to know, while the other played hard to get.   Only one of them has veto power over the other, but they both get along.  They are both the low maintenance, easy going type. 

By now I know you were too curious not to continue reading, and looked down to see my beautiful <strike>fiancé</strike> Wife Melissa, and my car wich is as of yet unnamed.  I am thinking either BNFRD3K, DRGNWZL, CARHUFF, or maybe KEEPRT, LS1BIRD, or TRBOLS1.  That last one will be after I spend a lot of money at STSTURBO.COM though.  Damn it. While testing that link, I just found out they are now financing!  There goes 5k...

The Skinny on why you don't see my E-Mail Address. Because, YOU asked (you know who you are!)  Besides, there's a new way to contact me...

I am starting to build a MYSPACE page.  This is due to the request of several people.  I kind of think that it is amusing.  People often confuse MYSPACE with the words "my webpage."  It's probably like the way GOOGLING became the new word for searching, and the Verb form of PHOTSHOP became the word for "editting a picture" 

er wait... try this...
Of course, if your reading this, you are allready in the know, and you are getting bigger pictures!

Well this big white thing is a "C" box.  I figured I could use it to hear from some of the 110 people who have visited my site since I got the counter a month ago. 


Updated: 08/29/2007

I now have our Wedding pictures online!

Click Here for a direct link to them at Picasaweb!