My Car

My Car & Car Stories updated 02/27/07

A page dedicated to my passion, my car, my way of life, and some humorous stories.

Car Stories! 
(mostly fictional...) 

Some are not yet up, but many are coming soon!

Now, er uhm.. "Broken down"  by vehicle!

'82 Plymouth Arrow:

The day I said "I saw your speed trap and skllfully avoided it..." and got away with it.

'89 Dodge Daytona

Death of the Daytona  or Proof of God #1 

Pull the hatch, FIRE! 

My 1st Firebird, the 1990 Formula

The Top Speed of a State Patrol Car.

You Can't do that!

Smoke on the water (7-11)

3.42 vs. 3.14159 

My 2nd Firebird, the '91 GTA

No thoughts yet...

'93 S-10 Blazer 4x4

The "J-Turn" or "Proof of God"

My baby, the '99 Formula as pictured below.

There & back again (a story about traveling to CO)

Rubber vs G vs Water ( a scary moment)

My Les Shwab Experience

You took that 'lil 80 where? (a true story)




Les Schwab

Yup, You've guessed it.  This is a page dedicated to the one mechanical thing that hasn't yet let me down.  My Car. 

Funny thing, I owe it to a guy named Mike .  Here is the story of how I scored the deal of the century.


I just got my suspension redone with 8-way adjustable AGX struts & shocks and an H&R 1.5" lowering kit.  The AGXs are set to 6, and It rides a little on the rough side, but since it handles so OMG awesome, I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort!  My girlfriend on the other hand would rather the comfort.  She is not into the handling thing yet. 

UPDATE!  New stories!

New pictures on the way soon!

O.K.  I know... Soon has been a long time, and they still are not here.  It's been too cold for Mel to do her swimsuit photos.  (I'm just kidding like jason... 'less your gonna do it)  the weather is finally going to clear up this week, and I am vowing to wash / wax my car.  I'll try and sneak a few pics into the space below.  Hopefully this gets done by the end of the week!  Here is one new one to hold you over.  This is post wheels / pre lowered.