Fascination with Fire


This is a must read if you are even just a part time pyro:

Why does that supersoaker have a pilot light? 




Is it me?  Or does every red blooded American male have this obsession with fire?  I actually don't even think it’s an American thing.  I think it's a guy thing.  Fire is a tool, and a weapon, a creator and a destroyer.  It gives life, and takes it away. 


My fascination with fire took hold when I was very young.  It did not help that I always heard stories about how my uncle built bombs in the kitchen sink so he would have a way to put them out. 


I never let fire from my hands get out of control.  However, it should be noted, that fires coming from my mouth and nostrils have on several occasions been out of control. 


I took up breathing fire because every young boy wishes he were a powerful dragon.  A friend of mine showed me how I could at least get the fire breathing part down.  I actually got kind of good at it, and if you've ever been to an SCA event, you may have seen it. 


Fireworks and rocketry are like crack and heroin to a pyro.  Like any junky could tell you, it’s even better when you combine the two.  Having a model rocket that shoots "missiles" has always been a fantasy of mine.  As such, the 4th of July tends to be a holiday for Pyromaniacs throughout the states regardless of legality.  In fact, legality has nothing to do with it at all! 


With the fourth of July quickly approaching, I am stuck here reminiscing of times gone by.  A sparkler bomb that decided to be a rocket, shooting bottle rockets at the local kids, That one time with the m1000.  Cheap knock-offs like M-90's that were not even as powerful as a mighty might (a mini firecracker that wasn't so mighty). 


Everyone always gets freaked out about it too.  Like the time when your mom said "Dontchu go blow'in yer hands off now, and don't blow up anything that isn't yers” We all said yes mother, and scuttled out the door.


My friends were always really scared of firecrackers.  So, me being the pyro that I am, showed them that you could light a firecracker in your hand without it blowing apart.  Thank god for speech recognition software! 


As I speak this into my microphone, know that the first couple of times, it worked well.  I held my hand out flat while Jeff lit the fuse.  The mini stick of dynamite would jump up with an explosive bang.  Wohh cool.  I warned everyone don't close your hands like this....  well, I am sure you get the picture.


This Page is here to dedicate my true feelings about fire, and give you a place where you can say "yup, done that!"