Who really uses e-mail for conversations anyway?  Cell is the only way to go; it is instant with benefit of
tonal inflections / connotations.

1. Type YOUR name in the TO:  field of your favorite e-mail  program/site.

2.  Then place the at symbol "@" behind your name.  Such as:   BillGates@. 

3.  Then type my first and last name  (as seen in the header or footer but w/o spaces)

4.  Add a DOT COM. 

5.  Type your message

6.  Hit send

7.  Wait patiently by your computer for a reply.  No Potty breaks, NO Food, No water (not near computers right?)  NO leaving, no exceptions. 

8.  Don't follow Rule #7

I have been asked several times why my E-mail address is not on the website. Simply put, it's a defense mechanism against spam. Not everyone is familiar with how E-mail works. I am not going to explain in depth, but would like to tell you NOT to give your e-mail address to anyone you don’t trust.

“Spam” is the curse of the internet. It floods more and more inboxes each day with CRAP that most people don't read. Sometimes REAL and IMPORTANT messages get deleted because they are simply one message in a sea of scams and advertisements. 99.999% of spam is just that. Also 98% of statistics are made on the spot, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees on that one. The simple truth is that no pill will make you larger or smaller, no hot stock coming from spam e-mail is all that hot. No money cleaning (laundering) scheme from Nigeria is legit. In fact no “get rich quick” scheme works. If it did, everyone would be rich! It takes dedication and hard work, or a rich relative to help you start out.

It is unfortunate that thousands of people a day fall for this kind of thing. It only makes it worse because people buy into it the advertisers, they are then rewarded, and that further justifies their need to increase spam. Simple business really, they sent out an e-mail, and got a response.  (not from me!)

It’s aslo unfortunate that the advertisers continue to prey on the vulnerable who are just giddy to get their first few e-mails, or prey on those who are clinging to a little bit of hope in a desperate situation.

I have several things I do to thwart this nuisance to much success.

I encourage you to try some of them. One of which is that I use e-mail forwarding which can help with legal recourse for unsolicited e-mail.

If you own a domain, check out http://www.zoneedit.com they have free services for limited use, and the casual blog types fit that description.  See their site for details

It works like this: For anyone that I submit an e-mail address to, the email will have this format: Person or Business@ myname.com When I get a message, it goes to my trashcan. I filter my trashcan based on domain, and then pull out legitimate e-mail very quickly! This also gives me a way to track if my email gets sold or given away. (boy was that fun!)

No reading through tons of “spam” to get to a real message! I also set a filter to only allow incoming mail if they are on my A list. If something shows up that is not on the A list, then it can bounce with a message as to why it’s rejected. If it is on the A list, it goes straight to my inbox.

I don’t have my "real" address publicized in too many places because of the spam that comes from harvested email links. E-mail gets harvested because there are "crawlers" that can pluck an address off a website, and then insert that into a database of address' to send spam to.

 For the average person new on the net, Simply don’t give out your address to any person or business that you don’t do business with normally. If it’s a place you are at often, and they have a good privacy policy, by all means hook them up with it. Hold back on everything else! Especially Sweepstakes Entry Forms.

I don't check e-mail but weekly so it is not an efficient form of communication in my situation. However, having said all that, if you still need to contact me, please call or text my cell phone first.  It doesn't ring if I am asleep. (it just knows...)  

 If you feel the need to send an e-mail, follow the not so cryptic directions on the left hand side of the screen.   I will normally reply to every message sent by a human.