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I am a Space Scientist working for NASA/Johnson Space Center. My research interests revolve around the role of liquid water in the solar system, with a strong focus on Mars. 
I am the civil servant lab manager for the Light Element Analysis Laboratory at the Johnson Space Center. This laboratory focuses on stable isotope analysis of extraterrestrial materials, martian analog materials, and products of laboratory experiments. Current work has included.
- Analyses of carbonate minerals collected in Arizona, and the Canandian arctic
- Isotopic analysis of organic materials formed from inorganic precursors
- Analysis of carbon bearing gases emitted from Hot Springs in California and Nevada
- Testing and development of a water vapor analyzer suitable for planetary exploration
See laboratory website for more information.
I worked as a science team member on the Phoenix Mars Mission. I worked as a team member of the TEGA instrument team, as well as working roles for mission operations during 2008 including Strategic Science Lead, and Strategic Science Planner.
I graduated from Arizona State University department of Geological Sciences with a PhD in 2005. My advisor was Laurie Leshin.
Contact me at:
NASA Johnson Space Center
Mail Code KR
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058
(281) 483-7860
Also go see my blog which is periodically updated about science topics I'm interested in.