24th Jan 2011

posted 24 Jan 2011, 17:51 by Paul Biggins   [ updated 25 Jan 2011, 16:35 ]

Apologies for the recent non-functioning slideshows - it appears that Picasaweb spontaneously renamed my account so that all the slideshow links were invalid. The Top200 is up and running again, and I'll fix all the others this week.
Update: 25th Jan 2011: all the slideshows are now working.
I managed to fluke some nice shots of the recent partial solar eclipse - see right.

New sections: Weather, Patterns, Night-time & Microscopy

posted 14 Feb 2010, 12:12 by Paul Biggins   [ updated 16 Feb 2010, 18:08 ]

New album added to the Nature section: Weather
New section added: Themes, and new albums PatternsNight-Time and Microscopy added to it.
Pictures of a sparrow hawk added to the Wild Birds album:

Picture used by Schmap

posted 14 Feb 2010, 11:11 by Paul Biggins

One of my pictures of Paris - the Latin Quarter - has been used by Schmap in their latest guide: see it here.

Progress Note

posted 7 Feb 2010, 16:51 by Paul Biggins   [ updated 7 Feb 2010, 16:55 ]

8th Feb 2010
Still slowly transferring photos to this site - some new galleries in the Nature section.

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