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Paul Asplin is one of the most influential and significant names in the legal expenses insurance market. Now CEO of DAS, one of the largest legal expenses companies in the UK, he is also a Freeman of the City of London and a Vice President of the Insurance Institute of Bristol.

In the beginning

Paul Asplin was born in Bristol on 16th April, 1958. Upon leaving school he embarked on a career in insurance, working as an insurance broker at a local firm in Bristol, where he worked for a couple of years before spotting an advertisement for a job at a company called DAS. After successfully attaining the position, Paul rapidly proved himself both enthusiastic and talented in the industry and at an early age became an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) and subsequently a Chartered Insurer. 

Working for DAS

Attributing his success to ‘a strong belief in the need for legal expenses and after-the-event insurance’, and an ‘unwavering enthusiasm for the success of the business’, Paul Asplin has now been CEO of DAS for nine years. Paul has been involved in some major milestones of the legal expenses industry, including the introduction of the Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) scheme, which DAS developed.  

Personal life of Paul Asplin

A keen model railway and art collector, Paul Asplin spends much of his free time away from the hustle and bustle of the office, walking his dogs and riding his horses with his wife. If not outside with his animals or supporting charities including the ‘Dogs Trust’ or ‘Horse World’, Paul enjoys listening to his favourite band ‘Deep Purple’ or watching ‘silly’ films such as ‘Airplane.’

Paul Asplin Portrait.

Paul Asplin



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