A day in the life of Paul Asplin

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Paul Asplin is one of the most influential and significant names in the legal expenses insurance market. Now CEO of DAS, one of the largest legal expenses companies in the UK, we take a look at how Paul Asplin spends a typical day...

7:00am: Paul wakes up and has a cup of coffee whilst reading his e-mails, preparing for the day ahead at DAS. He takes a shower and gets ready.

7:30am: As Paul doesn’t like to waste time sitting in traffic he spends about an hour working from home before travelling from his home in South Gloucestershire to work at the DAS head office in Temple Back, Bristol.

10:00am: Paul Asplin arrives to DAS, checks his emails and reviews his diary. Each day at DAS tends to be quite varied for Paul, ranging from steady days working through routine matters through to days where strategic planning meetings, department meetings and specific action points are prerequisite. His job also involves a reasonable amount of travelling both within the UK and throughout Europe.

1:00pm: Paul joins his colleagues for lunch to catch up on the legal expenses market and insurance news, internal DAS updates, and general chit chat and catch ups.

2:00am: Just as Paul’s mornings vary, so do his afternoons. Much of Paul’s time is spent in meetings with different DAS departments and subsidiaries, supporting strategic plans and developments. Much time is spent liaising with the various bodies Paul Asplin and DAS are associated with such as the ACCI.

6:00pm: Paul leaves the office and travels home.

8:00pm: After enjoying an evening meal (his favourite being beef wellington) with his wife, he takes their dogs for a walk, which usually gives him a chance to reflect on the day’s events and think ahead.

9:00pm: If he has time, Paul Asplin and his wife enjoy sitting down and watching a light-hearted film such as ‘Airplane’.

11:00pm: A well deserved night’s sleep!