Paul Asplin

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Paul Asplin biography

  • Learn about the chief executive officer of DAS. Find out where he was born, what his first job was and how he became the CEO for DAS Legal Expenses Insurance.


Paul Asplin - 'A day in the life of...'

  • As CEO of a major legal expenses insurance company Paul Asplin has a hectic schedule, but knows it's important to find the time to do the things he enjoys. Click through to read 'A day in the life of Paul Asplin' and see how he earns a well deserved night's sleep.


History of DAS

  • DAS was formed in 1975. With a well established reputation as an expert in its field, DAS is a clear leader in the legal espenses insurance market. Click to learn more about DAS the company and how Paul Asplin has played a major role in its growth over the past nine years.

Paul Asplin CEO of DAS.