Local Calendars of Events

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Do you ever want to get out?  Do something different?  Explore somewhere new?  There are some great things happening in our area.  All it takes is knowing where to find them. 
Try visiting the following sites for Local Calendars of Events:
Annapolis/Anne Arundel County- What's Up Magazine Calendar:  http://www.whatsupmag.com/
Annapolis- Taste of the Bay Magazine Calendar:  http://www.tasteofthebay.net/entertainment/
Bay Weekly- Local Events and Information:  http://www.bayweekly.com/
DC Events- Event Guide Magazine:  http://washington.dc.eventguide.com/
MD Events- Family Magazine- Local Events, Parent's & Kid's Topics:  http://news.mywebpal.com/index.cfm?pnpid=929
Cultural & Ethnic Events & Festivals- Nationwide:  http://www.festivalsandevents.com/
Solomons Island Events Calendar:  http://www.solomonsmaryland.com/
Southern MD Events Calendar:  http://somd.com/calendar/
Southern MD- Things to do & Sights to see:  http://somdthisisliving.somd.com/
There's even more stuff listed on the Offices of Tourism Calendars of Events:
Baltimore- Office of Tourism:  http://www.baltimore.to/calendar/index.html
DC Events- Office of Tourism:  http://www.washington.org/
MD Events- MD Office of Tourism:  http://visitmaryland.org/Pages/Welcome.aspx
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