FREE ESL classes

FREE ESL Class Information

FREE ESL CLASSES- These do NOT count for Educational Component credits. These classes are offered FREE by the County in which you reside. There is usually a placement test given, prior to the classes starting. There are 3 different placements-- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Often times, if the Au Pair places as "Advanced", the County will decline to offer him/her the class; whereas, the churches may accept.  There is sometimes a small book fee ($20 or $25) for a class; some have no fees at all.
  •                 Anne Arundel County- Ms. Anelle Tumminello  410-222-5454
  •             Anne Arundel County- Rena Burkowsky 410-777-1822 
  •                 Anne Arundel County (& No. Calvert also)- (@ Grace EP Church)  410-798-5300
  •              Calvert County Marjorie Zimmerman 410-535-7382  

  •             Calvert County- Emmanuel Church (beginner, inter., advanced classes)   410-257-9188
  •                 Calvert County- Prince Frederick Library, Call Edie McGreevy  410-535-7382
  •              Charles County- Elizabeth @ Lifelong Learning Center 301-753-1774 
  •              St. Mary’s County- Melinda Brown @ Adult Education Services 301-475-0213
  •              St. Mary’s County (Cornerstone Presbyterian Church)- Pastor Walt Nilsson 301-862-5016