Car Safety Checklist

Please make sure your car's safe- checklist included...

Please make sure that the following items are checked off, and that your au pair knows how to check and repair them (or at least knows to notify you, if things are bad):

  1. fluid levels (oil, windshield wiper, transmission, brake, engine coolant) are topped off
  2. tire pressure is good, and tires have good tread
  3. windshield wipers are functional and not worn; no cracks in windshield
  4. brakes are good/tight
  5. door locks and windows work
  6. hazard lights/flashers are functional, and are explained to au pair
  7. all lights (headlights, highbeams, turn signals) are functional
  8. "check engine", "check oil", temp. gauge, oil gauge, etc... lights work on panel, and are explained to au pair
  9. BOTH front and rear tags (license plates) are on vehicle (REQUIRED in Maryland)
  10. Expiration stickers on REAR tag (month on the upper left; year on the upper right), and are still valid

This simple checklist will avoid accidents, breakdowns, being pulled over by the police, and a lot of headaches!! Please feel free to print it out and discuss it with your au pair. It's my goal to help to keep everyone safe, so please let me know if you have more to add.