Paula Pant's bio

Paula Pant is assistant news editor of The Colorado Daily, an E.W. Scripps-owned daily newspaper in Boulder, Colo. She began her career at The Colorado Daily in 2005 as a staff writer covering the higher education beat.

Pant is also a contributing editor at Dining Out Magazine and a regular contributor to Boulder Women's Magazine. She writes "Your Town," a weekly feature on nonprofits, for The Colorado Daily

Pant serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. For six months she served as Vice President of Membership Recruitment; she was re-elected to the Board in July 2007 and now helps organize the international speaker series.

Pant spent two years as a representative for the U.S. Peace Corps, recruiting at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She led CU-Boulder to a nationwide number two ranking for producing the highest number of graduates currently serving overseas.

Pant graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she was enrolled in the Honors Program. Pant majored in sociology and minored in philosophy.

Pant was born in Kathmandu, Nepal and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned a Diploma with Honors from an all-women's preparatory secondary school. While there, she served as Co-Chair of a Habitat for Humanity housebuilding project and was Captain of her school's Mock Trial team.

She is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Her interests include snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, camping and bicycling.

She is an avid traveler, having visited Japan, Thailand, India, Nepal, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Pant spent ten years performing Nepalese dance,  six years singing in choirs and five years acting in theatrical productions. She played percussion in a school orchestra for two years and studied collegiate-level piano and voice for one year.

During college she spent one summer as a sea kayaking instructor in South Carolina and another leading hiking trips in Maine and New Hampshire.

Her father is an emeritus professor of civil engineering at the University of Cincinnati and the owner of PDP Associates, Inc. Her mother is a homemaker.

Her parents live in Atlanta, GA.


As a reporter, I once spent days profiling a woman on house arrest for getting two DUI’s, watching as her plumbing broke and she desperately needed a place to pee.


I’ve sat across board room tables with former U.S. Senators, then walked alongside protestors at political demonstrations opposing him.


I stood in a field in which 3,000 people simultaneously smoked marijuana, then appeared live on primetime MSNBC to discuss it.


I’ve been crushed amid television crews at a press conference announcing an arrest in the infamous JonBenet Ramsey murder – and got the first interview with the man instrumental in leading authorities to her suspected killer.