Scrapz A Daisy's Skate Board Tutorial

Tutorial using Photoshop CS2


This tutorial was written and create by me on 10 July 2008, any ressemblence to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

I used Photoshop CS2 to make this so some settings may be different in another program.


1 Chrome Style can be downloaded HERE


Let's Begin

Load your style by unzipping and dragging into PS


Width 2100 px

Height 2100px

Resolution 300px

Color mode RGB Color 8 bit

Background contents transparent

Click ok

Go to yur preset shapes or press U

Select the rounded rectangle tool

Use these settings:


I used white to make a template

Draw a tall rectangle, you will need to look see how wide you want it

Really it is what feels comfortable to you

My width was 1.35 and height was 5.25

You can see this on the right hand side in the info tab at the top

If you cannot see it

Click on window/info then it should appear then draw

Right click your layer in the layers palette

Rastersize layer

Now if you have made this a template then now is the time to make your proper board

Grab your magic wand in the tools or press W

Tolerence 0

Click the inside of your board

Now in your layers palette create a new layer

For those who arent sure what i mean at the bottom of the palette there are 7 objects click the 2nd to last looks like a large and small square ;)

Ok flood fill with any color you like i used black

Ok keep selected

Select/modify/contract 15

Add new layer as before

Flood fill with another color

Still selected we are going to create the curve at the Top and bottom of the board

Now lets grab our burn tool O on the keyboard

If you click where it is hightlighted and hold look for a little hand that looks like it is erm a finger and thumb touching LOL that is the burn tool

Use these settings


Ok now gently do left and right movements over the top and bottom  of the board while holding your mouse button down

This again is trail and error and the way it looks is up to you

Select/ deselect

Ok now you should have something looking like this


Now to the tracks...wheels LOL

Back to the rounded rectangle change your radius to 25px

Draw a small rectangle going downwards mine is

w .35

h .45

Right click and rastersize the layer

Apply the chrome style i gave you

Now we are making the bar that holds the wheels

Draw another rounded rectangle this time my sizes are

w 1.18

h. 0.10

Please remember these sizes depends on the size of your board LOL

Ok right click and rastersize the layer

Apply the style again

Now it is time for the wheels my sizes are

w 0.35

h 0.65

Rastersize the layer

Ok we are going to add a inner shadow

Use these settings


Right click on the wheel layer duplicate layer

Click ok

Now move your wheel to the other side of the board

You can see now you have what they call a track LOL

Ok lets do some merging

Ok hide all layers except for your tracks, it should be 4 layers (2 wheels, bar, rectangle)

Layer/merge visible

Ok unhide your baord now

Right click your new tracks and duplicate

Edit/transform/rotate 180

Position new tracks at bottom of board

Now merge the tracks toggether

You can merge your layers if you wish this is upto you LOL

or decorate as you wish

Hope you had fun!!

PS for those who are wondering why i made the white template,

i saved it for future boards DUDE!! lol