MISO is a software package containing a set of solvers based on Modal Interval Analysis (see Section 3.2 in my Ph.D. thesis). These solvers are:

  • FSTAR solver: Allows doing computations with Modal Intervals.
  • QRCS solver: Allows proving the satisfiability of a class of quantied real constraints (Chapter 3).
  • QSI solver: Allows obtaining inner and outer approximations of the solution set of a class of quantied real constrains (Chapter 4).
  • MINIMAX solver: Allows solving constrained minimax optimization problems (Chapter 5).
  • SQUALTRACK solver: Allows detecting faults in dynamic systems (Chapter 6).
Sailboat Control is an application demo of the QSI solver (see Pre-print)  

ivalDb: Modal Interval Arithmetic (C++)