Waterfalls of the NH White Mountains

Waterfalls, they're refreshing with their cool waters and their beauty. They provide arresting displays of nature's power during spring run-offs, are a welcome retreat on a hot summer day, reflect fall's colors in autumn, and reflect incredible frozen beauty in winter.

There are over 100 waterfalls in the White Mountains, and more in the nearby Lakes Region. Some, like Silver and Flume Cascades are easily seen from the road, while others require a hike.
he waterfalls mentioned below were chosen for their beauty and accessibility. Whichever waterfalls you choose to explore, please remember to wear sturdy, flat, rubber-soled walking shoes and take care during your explorations. Rocks and water make for slippery, and
sometimes even dangerous going.

Swim only where allowed and never drink the water. We ask that you help keep these special places beautiful by taking out everything you brought in, especially if you picnic. Always stay on marked trails and respect private property so that we can all continue to enjoy these remarkable falls for many years to come.

Truss designs varied. Many bridges in the White Mountains utilize paddleford trusses, which were originated by Peter Paddleford of Littleton, New Hampshire. Each covered bridge is unique and holds many special and scenic features.

Listed below are selected Waterfalls located here in the White Mountains.

Agassiz Basin
Beside Rt. 112, 1.6 miles west of North Woodstock. Small but beautiful 10 foot waterfall, also called Indian Leap. Series of potholes on Moosilauke Brook.

Lower Ammonoosuc Falls
On old Cherry Mountain Road, off Rt. 302 between Twin Mountain and Fabyans. Take an immediate left (before railroad tracks) and park in the area at the end of this paved road. Walk down the dirt road at the end of the parking lot.

Upper Ammonoosuc Falls
On old Cherry Mountain Road, off Rt. 302 between Cog RR and Fabyans. Take an immediate left (before railroad tracks) and park in the area at the end of this paved road. Walk down the dirt road at the end of the parking lot.

Arethusa Falls
1½ mile path south of Willey House site off Rt. 302 in Crawford Notch. Approx. 200 ft. high. Arethusa may be your destination, but Bemis Brook and Coliseum Falls are a bonus: these two are along the way to Arethusa. They are an easy .5 mile hike in, while Arethusa is 1.3
miles in on a hike of moderate difficulty. Arethusa is best viewed from below. Do not try rock scrambling: the rocks are unsafe. If you wish to swim, choose spots downstream.

Avalanche Falls, Liberty Gorge Cascade & The Pool

Near the Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch. The Flume Gorge may be better known, but these cascades are well worth a visit. The most dramatic of the three is 45 ft. Expect to make an easy round trip hike of just over 2 miles, if you plan to see all three.

Baker River
Northeast of Warren within view of Rt. 118. River is a regionally significant canoe trail joining in the Pemigewasset River. Parallels Route 25 and offers significant meadow and mountain views.

The Basin, Cascades, Kinsman Falls & Rocky Glen Falls
Franconia Notch, north of the Flume. Called "The Old Man's Foot Basin," the Basin may lack size, but makes up for it in geological interest: it's said to have been formed during the past 25,000 years. The Basin is .1 mile from the parking lot. The Cascades (.2 mile along) make for a lovely picnic or sunning spot. Kinsman Falls are .5 mile from the parking lot, while Rocky Glen Falls, which some think is the prettiest of all, is just over a mile from the starting point.

Beaver Brook Falls
On Route 145 between Colebrook & Stewartstown Hollow. 30 ft. high. A wonderful spot for a picnic, a dip or a walk.

Beede Or Bearcamp Falls
3 miles up Sandwich Notch Road from Center Sandwich.

Bridal Veil Falls
Coppermine Trail off Rt. 116 near Easton. The 80 foot falls are a 2.5 mile hike in. To truly appreciate the falls, view them from both above and below.

Champney Falls
Minutes from Conway off the Kancamagus Highway.

Cascade Brook
Trail departs near the Finish Line restaurant by Snow's Mountain ski lift, Waterville Valley. A relatively easy 1.2 mile hike takes you to the falls.

Crystal Cascade
3 mile trail from Pinkham Notch Camp of AMC, off Rt. 16 in Gorham. 80 ft. high, in two drops. An especially dramatic falls. The last part of the path is somewhat steep, but leads to an excellent view point.

Diana's Bath
.5 mile from the turnoff to Cathedral Ledge on West Side Road, Bartlett. 200 yards of granite terraces. An easy .5 mile walk in takes you to cascading falls, waterspouts and granite basins along Lucy Brook. Fee for parking here. No parking on road.

Dixville Flume & Huntington Cascades
East of Dixville Notch. There are picnic areas near these two falls, which are located on either side of Rt. 26.

Falling Waters Trail
Opposite Lafayette Campground in Franconia Notch A favorite hike, 1.4 miles one way, that takes you to Walker Cascade, 20 ft. Stairs Falls, 60 ft. Swiftwater Falls and 80 ft. Cloudland Falls.

Flume Gorge
Beside Rt. 3 in Franconia Notch, 5 mi. north of Lincoln. Part of Franconia Notch State Park; a fee is charged. Your tour through this 800 foot chasm takes you on boardwalks through covered bridges, past waterfalls and views. Don't miss the free 15 minute movie at the Flume Visitor Center.

Glen Ellis Falls
Turn off .7 mile south of Pinkham Notch on Rt. 16; use the parking area for the Glen Bolder and Wildcat Ridge trails A pedestrian tunnel take you to the other side of the highway where you turn right and walk .2 mile to the falls. 65 ft. high, for the most dramatic view, follow the footpath down steep stone steps.

Jackson Falls
Beside Carter Notch Road, off Rt. 16A near the center of Jackson Village. Very accessible, these roadside falls are popular for swimming, picnics, sunbathing - even weddings. The falls are created by the rushing waters of the Wildcat River, the first federally designated "Wild and Scenic River" in New Hampshire.

Lower Falls, Rocky Gorge & Sabbaday Falls
Off the Kancamagus Highway. Lower Falls is 7 miles west of Conway. Lower Falls is right on the Kancamagus, and is a busy spot on hot summer days. It has pools, small sandy beaches, picnic tables, parking and changing rooms.
Rocky Gorge is 2 miles further on. Rocky gorge has picnic tables, drinking water and parking; swimming prohibited in the Gorge, but you can take a dip in the pools above the falls.
Sabbaday Falls is located 3.5 miles west of where Bear Notch Road joins the Kancamagus. At Sabbaday Falls, you can't swim, but the 25 ft. falls' beauty is well worth the easy .3 mile hike in.

Nancy Cascade
Starts off Rt. 302, south of Crawford Notch. The 2.4 mile hike in, which is of moderate difficulty, brings you to a series of lovely cascades that are shady and cool. The total drop is thought to be about 400 ft.

Paradise Falls at Lost River Gorge

Kinsman Notch, 7 miles west of North Woodstock on Rt. 112. Admission is charged. The 35 ft. Paradise Falls are just one of the highlights of your self-guided tour through this popular attraction. You tour on boardwalks, following the river as it appears and disappears. There are caves to explore (all of which can be bypassed), a nature garden and geological displays.

Ripley Falls & Kendron Flume

At the Willey House Historic Site on Rt. 302, Crawford Notch. Take the Arethusa-Ripley Falls trail; about half a mile in the trail turns left to reach 100 foot high Ripley Falls. There are swimming holes at the top of the falls and pools upstream, but don't clamber over the face of the falls itself as it is slippery. To reach Kendron Flume, take the trail which begins near the gift shop.

Silver & Flume Cascades; Beecher & Peal Cascades; Gibb Falls

North of Rt. 302 in Crawford Notch. Flume and Silver Cascades can be seen from your car window, but to really appreciate them, take a closer look. Two large lots provide ample parking.
To reach Beecher and Pearl Cascades, park behind the Crawford Depot (further west on Rt. 302) and make the easy .4 mile hike in beginning on the Avalon Trail, then follow signs.
If you'd like to see Gibb falls, head up the Crawford Path to 35 ft. Gibb Falls, which begins across Rt. 302 from the Crawford Depot for a .4 mile hike.

Two miles east of junction of Rts. 112 & 302 in Bath With a covered bridge in the background, it's an excellent spot for a cooling dip on a hot summers day.

Thompson's Falls & Emerald Pool
A series of falls along Thompson Brook at Wildcat Ski Area, Rt. 16 Pinkham Notch. To reach the falls, take the Way of the Wildcat Nature Trail from the ski area's parking lot; at the far end of the trail's loop, you'll find the path to the falls. Stay on the east side of the brook when you cross the service road which leads to parking lot C. It's an easy .7 mile trek to the falls. If you follow the path to the right on the first waterfall, across the ledges to the north side of the brook and continue on to a high ledge, you'll discover fabulous views of Mt. Washington.