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Solving the Riddle
of the Money Mind in 4 Steps

Solving the Riddle of the Money Mind guides you through an understanding of your beliefs which may be holding you back from achieving all that you deserve.  The answers lie in our understanding of universal energy.  Some questions you may have asked yourself are:

Why don't I have enough money?

Why am I in debt?

Why is it so hard to get ahead?

How do I jump start my financial life?

By becoming aware of negative or faulty beliefs, this eBook will provide you with a step by step program to turn them around, and help you become the director of your financial life in four easy steps.  It takes you on an adventure in changing your concepts, which will lead you to find greater prosperity and abundance in your life.

Because of the interactive nature of this eBook, I recommend that you print your copy after downloading it so that you are able to complete the exercises in each step.

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 Soul Accounting: 

The Power of Money and Emotions

What My eBooks Will Teach You

In order to achieve abundance in your life, it is necessary to detach any and all negative and prohibitive feelings that may be connected to a life of plenty.  Now, it is possible that you may not be aware of these feelings that hold you back. A sure sign is to ask yourself, do I feel abundance in my life? Do I feel I have enough? Am I fulfilled and have all that I desire? If you answer these questions in the negative, then it is possible that you have conflicting thoughts and feelings regarding money. Once you untangle your conditioned thoughts and feelings regarding money, you can then get the belief system in your head away from  "not enough, can’t, not possible, I am without," towards having everything your heart desires. By doing this, you get money out of your head and into your pocket.


My hope is that you have as much fun and gain as much inspiration from reading this book as I did putting it together.  These are my own interpretations of universal concepts, and my hope is for you to create your own using the tools that I share in this eBook. My wish is for you to become more aware of your own innate intelligence by tuning into the universe to find the universal concepts by which you can live your life. 

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Now available in multiple e-reader formats (EPub, Kindle, Nook, PDF, RTF, LRF, Palm Doc-PDB). 

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