Patty Nuovo 

Financial Wellness Consultant  

Patty has a really remarkable story. She was the first female stockbroker at her firm in Philadelphia in the late ‘70’s, and she excelled in the financial world of the ‘80s in the Northeast. Years into her career, she did the “unthinkable”; Patty gave it all up to follow her passion and her dream: to teach and to heal others. She moved halfway across the country and co-founded a holistic wellness center that helped hundreds of people heal from emotional, physical and spiritual crises for over 15 years.  Her seminars on the concepts of money and abundance were an integral part of the healing process for everyone who visited the center.

Today, Patty is a financial wellness consultant, helping people overcome emotional and spiritual obstacles that keep them from abundance. As a natural extension of her holistic approach to financial wellness, Patty is also a Naturopath, life coach, seminar leader and author of  two eBooks:  Soul Accounting:  The Power of Money and Emotions, and Solving the Riddle of the Money Mind in 4 Steps.

Patty continues to lecture on “Solving the Riddle of the Money Mind” across the US and Canada. Her understanding of psychology, universal concepts, ethics and meditation makes her unique as a financial wellness consultant.  

Phone: (707) 490-9497  e-mail: