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Acupressure 4 CE hours $40

This 4 CE hour NCBTMB approved Online Distance Learning Class on Acupressure introduces the basic skills and theories of acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force to aid healing.  Information is provided on Yin and Yang, the meridians of the body and the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. Locations and functions of common acupressure points are illustrated. This class is an overview of Acupressure.

Art of Aromatherapy for the Massage Therapist 4 CE hours $40

This class will help you expand your understanding of how to incorporate aromatherapy essential oils into your practice.  You will learn the history of aromatherapy as well as how to use a variety of essential oils for many of the conditions you encounter in your massage therapy practice, such as arthritis, circulation problems, edema, headaches, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness, joints sprains, stress, and more. The course covers over 20 essential oils.

Ethics for the Massage Therapist 6 CE hours $45 (including 2 hrs of Standard V, Roles and Boundaries)

This class gives you six ethics massage CEUs, including two hours in Roles & Boundaries, so it satisfies your full NCBTMB ethics requirement. You earn two hours of Roles and Boundaries (NCBTMB Standard V), two hours of Professionalism (NCBTMB Standard I), and two hours of Confidentiality (NCBTMB Standard III).

Please note: The NCBTMB has new CE requirements for the board certification program. If you are renewing under that program, please refer to their latest guidelines.

Foot Reflexology 6 CE hours $45

This class is an overview of Reflexology. An ancient therapy used in China, Egypt, and India, reflexology provides effective, holistic treatment for both common and more serious disorders. According to reflexology, the hands and feet, face and ears are microcosms of the body, containing points or zones that relate to individual glands, nerves, muscles, and organs. Reflexology harnesses the body's healing energy by stimulating specific pressure points on the hands and feet, alleviating the energy blocks that can cause pain or disability and restoring optimum health.  This 6 CE Hour NCBTMB approved Online Distance Learning Class on Foot Reflexology is designed to enhance and increase your knowledge about effective hand, foot, face and ear Reflexology. Information is provided regarding Reflexology, channels and zones, a zone chart, benefits and contraindications, foot Reflexology charts, hand Reflexology chart, ear Reflexology charts, face Reflexology chart, and a history of Reflexology. 

How to Find and Prepare for a Luxury Destination Resort Massage Therapy Interview​ 3 CE hours $35

This 3 CE hour NCBTMB approved Online Distance Learning Class on How to Find and Prepare for a Luxury Destination Resort Massage Therapy Interview is designed to increase your knowledge about how to prepare for both the oral and the hands-on massage interview. Information is provided regarding the resume, cover letter, researching the different types of spas and tips on how to secure a position at the spa of your choice. Also included are topics of ethics, standards of practice, scheduling, protocols and massage techniques used in this setting. 

Pathways to Optimum Health: Nutrition for the Massage Therapist 4 CE hours $40

Improve your health and your life through nutrition. Understand the fundamentals of nutrition and health. Understand the processes of digestion, assimilation and elimination.  Learn some real benefits of eating raw food, and adding nuts, legumes, beans, fruits and vegetables to your nutritional program. Discover the difference between good fats, carbohydrates and bad fats and carbohydrates. Learn how to change your eating habits to include more fiber as well as vitamins and minerals, and the benefits of doing so.

Pathways to Optimum Health: Whole Body Cleansing for the Massage Therapist 4 CE hours $40

Body cleansing has become essential in today’s modern society. An increase in environmental toxicity coupled with unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles has resulted in a drastic increase in illness and physical complaints such as headaches, fatigue, etc. We expose our bodies to a tremendous amount of toxins via the food we eat, the water we drink, and the polluted environment in which we live. While our bodies have a miraculous and natural ability to expel these toxins, it helps to understand detoxification and elimination. Also discussed are healthy nutrition and supplements.

Sports Massage 4 CE hours $40

In this NCBTMB approved online CE distance learning class, Sports Massage, you will learn what a sports massage is, where it all began, and the benefits of sports massage.  You will begin to understand how sports massage relates to standard massage therapy and gain some knowledge about the methods used.  You will find information on the different applications of sports massage, when it should be used and when it is contraindicated, and you will learn how sports massage can improve sports performance.

Steps to Prosperity: Tips for Abundance and Growing Your Bodywork Practice - 6 CE hrs $40

This class guides you through an understanding of your beliefs about money that are holding you back from achieving all that you deserve. Some questions you may have asked yourself are: Why don't I have enough money? Why am I in debt? Why is it so hard to get ahead? How do I jump start my financial life? The answers lie in our understanding of universal energy. This class will provide you with an understanding of abundance, prosperity and tips to help create it for you and your bodywork practice.

Understanding Chakras - Subtle Energy Centers 3 CE hours $35 (not NCBTMB approved)

This Chakra course dispenses with new age mysticism and explains each Chakra point in practical layman's terms: what they are, what they can do for you, and how to incorporate them into your bodywork practice. Chakras can be used to unblock, cleanse and balance your emotions, body and mind, and thereby restore balance to your life. Take some time to explore inner space and you can be rewarded with much higher levels of energy, health, wisdom and love.


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