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After years of painting and teaching watercolor, Diana has begun illustrating the stories she has been writing for children -- it's Picture Book time! Diana is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and HCCWIG (Hunterdon County Children's Writers & Illustrators Group). In the past she has done other illustration work shown in the samples below. Yes, she is available for commissions: please email her.

Published Books


Charlemagne to the Rescue

Charlemagne Goldfish wishes he could live up to his kingly name, but he hides whenever people come up to his tank in the Pet Shop. Then the NET arrives and changes everything. As Charlemagne helps his friends Carlo and Susie Q., he gains confidence and self-esteem. Their adventure demonstrates how a new situation or location may be better than the old.  Charlemagne to the Rescue, Third Place winner in the 3rd ABC's Children's Book Competition 

Ronnie's Friend Trike

Ronnie's Friend Trike
tells of an independent and imaginative boy, Ronnie, who overcomes relative poverty with a recycled tricycle which takes him and his best friend Michael on both real and imagined adventures. 

 Rocking out to Sea

Rocking out to Sea Published in December 2013 is a tale of Laddie, a small boy who lets his imagination take him away to many places, using the Rocking Boat his father made him. Eventually Laddie figures out that his little sister Lacey is the perfect choice for sharing these adventures. This publication is unique in that it is read calendar style.
 Other Picture Books
Out of the Way, Little Deer!
Little Deer learns to stand up for himself against other bullying deer during a winter when the food supply is low.
 What Do You See

Detailed illustrations introduce children to the natural world around them and show how we, animals and humans, are interdependent. Children and parents can study the detailed pictures and figure out the physical as well as mental connections among the pictures.