Charlemagne To The Rescue

Charlemagne Goldfish wishes he could live up to his kingly name, but he hides whenever people come up to his tank in the Pet Shop. Then the NET arrives and changes everything. As Charlemagne helps his friends Carlo and Susie Q., he gains confidence and self-esteem. Their adventure demonstrates how a new situation or location may be better than the old. The Charlemagne to the Rescue website      

Find out how Santa delivers presents to the children of Hawaii.  I'll give you a clue.  He doesn't use a sleigh and reindeer.

Ronnie doesn't have a toy to ride on like the other kids.  However, he is an independent and imaginative boy, and finds a recycled tricycle which takes him and his best friend Michael on both real and imagined adventures.  See how he saves a friend's cat and makes friends with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Rocking out to Sea is a tale of Laddie, a small boy who lets his imagination take him away to many places, using the Rocking Boat his father made him. After several adventures his friend Michael says  Laddie is traveling "too far" and stops playing with him. Eventually Laddie figures out that his little sister Lacey is the perfect choice
                                                        for sharing these adventures. This publication is unique in that it is read calendar style.

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