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Welcome to the web site of PattieA Photography a/k/a Pattie Anderson.  Like my desk, it is a constant work in progress with big piles of stuff, but I know where everything is.  :-)

Anyway, you probably want to find my online photos.  Check out the links at the left to get started; my main photo site is on Fotki.  I have just a few photos on flickr and all of those are also on the Fotki site. 

My favorite hobbies are hockey, soccer, and photography.  I am the team photographer for the Richmond Generals (MJHL) junior hockey team, was the team photographer for the Richmond Renegades hockey team (Southern Professional Hockey League), was one of the two team photographers for the Richmond RiverDogs (United Hockey League), and am one of the team photographers for the Richmond Kickers (United Soccer Leagues D-2).  Links to those photos for the current or immediate past seasons are to the left, too.  If you're looking for older photos, follow those links and you should be able to find prior seasons by navigating the Fotki site. 

I began taking photos with a 35mm point and shoot camera at Renegades games in the 1994-95 season.  A few years later, I began writing for Just Hockey magazine and and struggled to find a consistent photographer to provide photos for my articles.  In 1999, my husband bought me my first SLR so I could take my own photos.  Now I usually provide photos for other writer's articles.  Several thousand dollars later in equipment, film, processing fees, and scanning, my kit now contains Canon 7D, 40D, and 30D DSLR bodies and a set of Canon "L" series lenses.  My favorite lenses for shooting sports are the 70-200 f/2.8 L and 300 f/4.0 L lenses.

My email address is in the image at the bottom of the column to the left.  Like everyone, I get way too much spam, so it's not a hyperlink -- you'll have to manually enter it into your email client to send me an email.  If you can't read the image or can't figure out my email address from the URL, you should be able to find one of my secondary addresses on the Fotki site.  Or you can always leave me a message in my Fotki guestbook.  

Interested in buying any of my photos?  Visit my Fotki albums.  Select the photos you wish to purchase, noting the size.  Once you have added all of your desired images to the cart, click on the link at the top of each page for "Cart." You can change the sizes and quantities when you get to the shopping cart, if you like. You can order photos "anonymously" if you are not a Fotki member, but please make sure to provide your email address so I can contact you if there is an issue with your order. Complete the ordering process, then wait for your prints to arrive directly from  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

This site is always a work in progress, so please visit again soon to see what is new.