Me in my studio, Otisville Michigan

In the spring of 2004, I was attending quilt market and happened across a booth displaying what looked like tiny hooked rugs. The woman was giving a demonstration and I was so intrigued I stood for a while watching her. She explained the techniques of punchneedle embroidery and I immediately fell in love with the craft. Within a week I had purchased a hoop, floss and needle and had chosen a few of my favorite paintings, transferred them into punchneedle patterns using weavers cloth and began punching away! When family and friends saw the finished pieces, they not only wanted to learn the craft themselves but also wanted to punch my designs.  It wasn’t long after I started offering my designs in punchneedle patterns that I added rug patterns to the mix. It only seemed natural since they are just a larger version of my punchneedle designs. With encouragement and help from my family and friends I am thrilled to be offering my patterns to consumers and hope you enjoy the craft as much as I do.

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