Screencasting with Jing

I thought this was incredibly fun! I don't think I would have ever thought to do something like this but what a fun warm up to have for your students while you take care of business, attendance, collecting assignments etc. You can immediately capture students attention from the opening seconds of class. Jing was incredibly easy to use. I mean I watched the shortest and tiniest introduction video and I was ready to go. I did my screencast on bullying. I found an article this morning on pintrest while looking around for some inspirational quotes. The story is about a football team who changes a school environment by embracing a student with special needs and showing others how to love her despite her disability. Bullying is a huge problem in high school and middle school, it's something that we say and lecture not to do but little changes. These football players took action and did something about it. I was incredibly moved. I hope to be apart of something like this one day. A Special Team Click to see my new Jing screencast. I am really excited to share this with y'all.

I gave my go at another screencast using a specific VA SOL in the subject of Geography. I absolutely LOVE Geography. I find it challenging yet it is composed of all of my favorite parts of history. It's culture, it's location, history, psychology, and there is politics. I find is fascinating. I am going to reveal a screencast that uses a concept map with a voice recording explaining the map in detail! I hope you enjoy! Here it is GEOGRAPHY