Mini Project #2

Link to the sticky note board. I really appreciate y'all helping me with this. I took a class last semester and it was suggested to me that stating your beliefs essentially communicates you favor it therefore everything is wrong or bad. My beliefs make who I am. Yes I think they are right. But do I hate or scorn others no way. That isn't love. But I really would struggle as a teaching hiding my beliefs because they're me. So your honest input and true thoughts on the question I pose on my sticky board really are something I plan on reading. I am not asking for meaningless work. I am asking for true thoughts and discussion. Thank you so very much!

Making a Voki was really enjoyable. Pain free too. The hardest part was figuring out what exactly to do with it... if that makes any sense. In my mind students hearing something else talk automatically makes it that much cooler and the information stick that much more. Lecturing isn't easy or happy for students anymore. But hearing AND seeing something else do the talking really changes the dynamic. This little tool could be a way to explain a task instead of standing in front of the students and explaining it. Let a funny looking animal tell them a task or wish them good luck before they take their test etc. How about let the warm-up or "bell ringer" come from a talking thing instead of on a chalkboard. How much more fun for your students is that?! I think loads!! I really appreciate these little nuggets of technology. I am literally going to print out every single module and use it over and over again. These things are valuable. Really valuable. I am incredibly grateful.