Patsy Childress

The cookoff is a way of showing my thankfulness for the blessing of still being here.  I just had the idea, but it would not be what it is without a lot of wonderful people.


Raised in Snyder, Texas; Lee Roy and I have been married almost 44 years.  We moved to Midland in 1971; two children – Max  and Aaron; their wives Kiva and Melanie; four grandchildren – Ryann, Cameron, Zoe’ and Kyli. 


First diagnosis of cancer was in 1996; second was in 2005 and although I am still doing treatments, I am still here.  I have known a number of folks who are not.  That’s why I say, if God gives you this day, it is a gift and He intends for you to do something with it….make it count.


Because we had as a “hobby” cooking chili for CASI sanctioned cookoffs to get points to cook in the world championship in Terlingua and a sanctioned cookoff is for charity, the idea to “give back” was the born.  The barbecue portion was included to add to the cookoff. 


The first year….after it was all over, Lee Roy and I looked at the sign-in sheets and realized that he knew the folks or I knew them or we both knew them.  What a warm feeling to know you had so many friends.  And from that first cookoff, it has grown.  That is a wonderful thing.  If you can relieve just some of the stress some patients face with a little help, it makes everything worth it. 


You may know someone who needs help or your path may never cross the people who have been helped, but they will know that someone cares. 


God puts us where He wants us to be.   I have been blessed with a wonderful family, some tremendous friends and folks that know me but I don’t know them…..we are all focused on the same thing though.  We all want to honor someone, remember someone or just give from our hearts to help if we can make life a little better for someone else.


Like I said, I am just me and I don’t want folks to think that the cookoff is just me.  It would not be what it is, nor would it have raised what it has raised without everyone involved….