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Thanks to official websites, movie pages at sites like IMDB, Yahoo, etc, and Youtube, there is a nice collection of video clips of Patrick's work on the internet. If you find a clip that you think other Patrick Wilson Fans would enjoy, please pass it on to our Administrators at  Thanks!

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                                                        Live Appearances                                                         

"All My Sons" Broadway Revival (2008)  Video Clip of Scene with Katie Holmes

"Lakeview Terrace" Press Junket: Surprise Interview by his Dad, a Fox 13 News anchor.

San Diego Comic-Con (2008):   
Interview about his role in "Watchmen"

                                                                      Watchmen Panel at Comic-Com     (Youtube Poster: mahalodotcom)

Broadway Theater Project (2006)  Duet: "Lily's Eyes" from "The Secret Garden"     NEW
                                                              (Youtube poster: GeoPsomas
"This was an impromptu performance of "Lily's Eyes", done at the Broadway Theatre Project back in 2006. It is a clip of the last part of the song, sung by Patrick Wilson and George Psomas. Visit"

Broadway Theater Project (2006)
(Youtube Poster: ohsoprettyeyed)

Patrick sang for the students and one of them captured a few seconds of it on a cell phone camera that was tipped on its side.

Broadway Theater Project (2006) (Youtube Poster: Samala527)

Barefoot in the Park (2006)  (BroadwayWorld)             Video Preview for 2006 Revival

Broadway Meets Country (2005)
(Youtube Poster: chrisltu)    "Suddenly Seymour" (fixed modulation)
Patrick sang "Suddenly Seymour" (from"Little Shop of Horrors") with Country Music Star, Carrie Underwood.
Quote from Youtube page: "The other versions out there are all modulated lower for some reason. This one has the correct key so our favorite singers don't sound like weird monsters
". AUDIO clip set to photos from that event.

Kennedy Center Honors (2003)  Mike Nichols Tribute(Youtube Poster: Ruth Sherwood)
Patrick joined other stars in singing a musical tribute to the director Mike Nichols. Among his many films, Mike directed Patrick in "Angels in America."

Seth's Chatterbox (2003)
Youtube Poster: colleen 20449)   "If I Loved You" from "Carousel"

Broadway On Broadway (2002) (Youtube Poster: colleen 20449)    

Broadway On Broadway (2001)  
(Youtube Poster: colleen 20449) 

Tony Awards Opening Number (2001)
(Youtube Poster: colleen 20449)

 "Let It Go" from "The Full Monty"

Rosie O'Donnell Show (2001) (Youtube Poster: colleen 20449)

 "Michael Jordan's Ball" from "The Full Monty"

Kennedy Center Awards (2001)  For Honoree Julie Andrews:(Youtube Poster: colleen 20449)  



La Jolla Playhouse  (1997)  (Youtube Poster: abroadwayboy)   Harmony Part 1

                                                                                        Harmony Part 2


Broadway Across America  (August 2007)   (MediaPost Publications)

Television Commercial   (1/29/09-not working?)

"Boyfriend Trousers" Gap promotion (Spring 2007) 

 GAP Commercial with  Claire Danes (YouTube)



Morning Glory (2010) 
Teaser Trailer

The Switch (2010) Teaser trailer

Barry Munday (2010)  Teaser Trailer

The A-Team (2010)  Teaser Trailer

Watchmen (2009) (Warner Brothers) 
Theaterical Trailer
                                      (Youtube poster: Blunty3000)  Theaterical Trailer

Life in Flight (2008/2009) (Youtube poster tarantula757  )  
Theaterical Trailer  

 Passengers (2008)  (Youtube poster  KingKHD) Theaterical Trailer   (English version)
                                    (Youtube poster  villegas0023)  Theaterical Trailer (Spanish version)

Lakeview Terrace (2008)  (Sony Pictures)  Theatrical Trailer
                                        (Youtube poster: GeorgeM2789) Theatrical Trailer

                        Video Clip: "Where I Live"
                                        Video Clip: "Is that the Prius?"

Brother's Three: An American Gothic (2007) (Radio London Films)

Theatrical Trailer  (click on "Coming Soon")

                                     First version of trailer (World Film Entertainment)

Purple Violets (2007)
(Official Website) Trailer

  (Youtube poster: newwewwtewwbe) Earlier Trailer

 Evening (2007) (Official Website) Trailer and selected clips
                    (Yahoo! Movies) Trailer and selected clips

Little Children (2006) (Official Website) The Bet (Sarah and Brad in the park)

                                                    (Yahoo! Movies) Trailer and selected clips


Hard Candy (2006) (Official Website) Theatrical Trailer

            (Youtube poster: all3nutzu)  Haley and Jeff share a drink


 ALW's The Phantom of the Opera (2004) (Yahoo!  Movies)  Teaser & Theatrical Trailers

                                            (Youtube poster: Kacly)  "All I Ask of You" (Raoul and Christine's Duet)      

     (Youtube poster: KidaChan519)  Patrick  & Emmy Live in Tokyo "All I Ask of You"

The Alamo (2004)(Yahoo!  Movies)  Trailer and several clips from film & behind the scenes  

Angels in America (2003)  HBO miniseries  (   Trailer & conversations with cast

                                         ( and Screenplay, Inc.)  Angels in America Trailer