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 A Gifted Man (Television, 2011)                                                                   

Young Adult (2011)   


Insidious (2011)                                                                                          

The Ledge (2011)                                                                                         

The A-Team (2010)                                                                                    

Morning Glory  (2010)                                                                                        

More photos:

                                            and    Some on-location photos by site moderator

The Switch (2010)                                                                                              

More shots from set:

Photo by Christopher Peterson/

Patrick arriving on set (City Stages) for camera tests, March 26, 2009

Barry Munday (2009)                                                                                                        (costumer designer for movie)

sangabrielvalley tribune: gallery

Watchmen (2009)                                                                                               

The Watchmen Official Site  
FILMINK spread on Watchmen: View HERE

Final Official Poster for "Watchmen"

Patrick dressed as "Dan Drieberg"
 (Hi-Res Poster: Warner Brothers)  


Empire magazine

(Entertainment Weekly)   

  Watchmen Panel at 2008 San Diego Comic-Con

 (Nite Owl's Ship "Archie")

Nite Owl (II)   Patrick Wilson

Visit the official website to see hi-res images of this phot and four other characters 


 Lakeview Terrace (2008)                                                                                                                              
Official Website (includes gallery)

Photo courtesy of Sony Picture and Yahoo! Movies:


Life in Flight (2007)                                                                                     

Tribeca Film Festival Guide :


Courtesy of and Tribeca Film Festival Guide:


 Screenwriter and Director of "Life in Flight": Tracey Hecht  (

Purple Violets (2007)                                                                                       

Purple Violets Official Website Gallery

Brothers Three: An American Gothic (2005/2008)                                                

Brothers Three: An American Gothic site
(site closed April 2008 ???)



Evening (2007)                                                                                                   

Evening site 

Little Children (2006)                                                                                        


 Running with Scissors (2006)                                                                            





 Hard Candy (2005)                                                                                            

Hard Candy Site 




Phantom of Opera (2004)                                                                                

Phantom of the Opera site 



 The Alamo (2004)                                                                                                                                            
Alamo Film website

 Photos: Buena Vista Pictures

Angels in America (2003)                                                                               

Angels in America site


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